We design culture, build brands and narrate stories for the day after tomorrow.
About us
Aisslinger Pellegrino Group is founded on designing culture into brands, spaces, strategies and communities. We are based in Milan and Berlin with clients all around the globe.

Dedicated to a decisive century in which we have to make fundamental changes to the way we interact with ourselves, others, and our environment, we are committed to working on projects that align with our philosophy.

We are firm believers that societal, economic, and ecological transformations all begin with culture. Therefore, we understand ourselves as cultural engineers dedicated to design, nature and people.

Our Structure

We support brands in developing a strong design strategy, a convincing tone of voice and a visual strategy that is coherent within its CI and brand system — accompanied by any needed visual assets like media templates, letterheads, signage concepts, business cards, and all required graphic elements.

Additionally, we offer brands a complete digital design package and digital ecosystem including UI, UX and web design plus development. Finally, we are experts in editorial design having experience in print, publishing and book design as well as copywriting and concept development of self-initiated magazines like Sali e Tabacchi Journal.

Within our consultancy, we co-create brand booklets, brand architectures, and nuanced brand stories. Additionally, we are experts in sustainability with a focus on fashion and product design.

From sustainability literacy programs, climate action plans, material roadmaps, sourcing advice, and SDG support, to BCorp implementations, materiality analysis, and holistic corporate sustainability strategies, we offer continuous sustainability support.

Beyond our expertise in sustainability, we have developed innovation strategies with the help of design-thinking workshops and systems design tools. Recently, we have also completed our first community-building strategy with both digital and physical activations.
Through our studio, we provide creative direction for content production with full breadth production capacities depending on project scope.

Moreover, we provide creative and artistic direction for campaigns, shoots, and content strategies. Additionally, this is our space for internal creativity regardless of client projects. Goal is to implement a strong signature style and sophistication when it comes to taking the right decision or sourcing aligned artists.

As part of our studio, we design our own products and develop research-focused designs, new media installations or curate holistic exhibitions.