Living with Matter Converter +

As technocultural individuals, we bear the responsibility of examining and nurturing both natural and complex forms of caring, daring to engage directly with unforeseen circumstances and collaborators in the future. We can actively demonstrate care and stewardship on a deeply personal level through daily rituals involving waste, ultimately advancing towards a comprehensive technocultural ethos of care. In this journey of caring, technology isn’t viewed merely as a solution or a threat but rather as a tool to facilitate coexisting with waste materials.

By depositing your meticulously sorted plastic waste into the publicly accessible Living-with-Matter-Converter-1, a device employing injection molding instantly transforms your personal waste into a Living-with-Matter-Brick-1. This resulting brick embodies both the act of caring (Sorge) and the act of providing (Besorgen), demonstrating a commitment to circular material management, intergenerational stewardship, and the inherent significance of all matter. Ultimately, we come to perceive ubiquitous plastic waste not only as a perpetually available resource and freely accessible material, but also as a collaborative partner in constructing environments beyond the human realm.


Developed in cooperation with the Pocket Injector in Valencia, Spain, a start up focused on developing micro injection moulding machines.

Exhibited at Vorspiel Transmediale with Design Transfer in Berlin, February 2023

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